How to choose a CPU for your dedicated server

If you want to purchase a new dedicated server for your web site, you need to know how to choose a CPU for your dedicated server upfront. There are many alternatives of CPU, RAM and Operating System for dedicated servers. In this article We are going to help you choosing a CPU for your dedicated server.


Mostly there are two brands in the market, Intel and AMD. Generally speaking there aren’t many alternatives of AMD CPUs and most likely you will choose an Intel CPU. The most important thing is choosing the right CPU for your needs. Intel has various CPUs for different users. These are Intel I3, Intel I5, Intel I7 and Intel Xeon processors. All of these processors satisfies certain criterias for your needs. For example if you are using your server just for visitors and if you don’t have many visitors picking an Intel I3 processor is enough, but if you are using the server for your development purposes such as producing videos or images you need a high processing power thus Intel Xeon processor is going to be your best pick.

Intel CPU Details


There are many sites that can help you to inspect a processor. is the official web site for Intel processors. You can see the number of cores, number of threads, base frequency, max frequency and cache memory of a particular CPU. These details will help you compare various CPUs and decide which one to choose.

CPU Benchmarking Scores

One other thing you can compare is benchmarking scores of processors. Benchmarking shows processor scores and you can directly compare these scores when choosing your processor. is a web site that shows benchmarking scores of many CPUs. The site benchmarked more than 600,000 CPUs. There are High End, High to Mid Range, Low to Mid Range and Low End CPU charts available so that you can see the place of your CPU in its class.

As a conclusion, choosing the right CPU for a dedicated server is very important, but please consider a certain visitor increase and processing power needs before and choose accordingly. In our opinion choose minimum an Intel I7 processor since the price differences are not that much.