Mac OS X How to Clean Desktop – Clear Desktop Icons

OK, this post is unrelated to php, but I figured I’d blog it anyway for the possible benefit of other Mac OS X users.

If you’re like me, your desktop will accumulate clutter very fast. At the end of a workday, it looks messy, uses up memory and things become difficult to find.

An easy way to clean your Mac desktop – I do this every day – is to use the Terminal application (shell), and type these commands:

(everything between ~ and $ represents the prompt so don’t type this. Type only the text I’ve written in italic. The ~ sign means you’re in your home folder)

~$ cd desktop

~/desktop$ mkdir desktop090709

~$desktop$ mv * desktop090709

That’s it. Your desktop becomes magically clean in a split second, and all files are stored in a folder named ‘desktopDDMMYY’. This way you’ll only ever have two icons on your desktop: The main hard drive and the latest desktop backup folder.

Since Mac OS X has the incredibly efficient Spotlight search feature, you don’t need to worry about where your files are stored. This leads me to another tip: Always name your files descriptively, so you can easily find them with the Spotlight ‘in file name’ search. For instance, if you write a travel diary entry about your day at the beach, name the file ‘travel-diary-june-2009-Santa-Monica-beach-with-kids-surfing-and-ice-cream.rtf’. It doesn’t matter that the file name is long. What matters is that it’s intuitive to find.

Anyway, next time, back to PHP.