WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution)

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) is a PHP script which offers all-in-one solution to web hosting companies. Client management, billing and support tasks are fully automated with this script. So if you want to start a web hosting business from scratch or if you want to fully automate all crucial tasks, WHMCS seems to be the mostly used and proven solution for your needs.

What does WHMCS exactly do for you?

It offers a pleasant web hosting experience for both the clients and the company. Lets have a brief look at some main WHMCS features:

Billing, Payment and Ordering

  1. Create custom products, bundles, plans and promotions
  2. Manage product stocks if there is any limit
  3. Create fully customisable, professional looking invoices
  4. Use multiple currencies at the same time
  5. Enable and manage taxation
  6. Create one off and recurring plans
  7. Integration with over 75 payment gateways (PayPal, Skrill, WorldPay etc.)
  8. Allow clients to deposit funds
  9. Setup automated unpaid invoice reminders for clients
  10. Allow support ticket billing
  11. Setup late fees for overdue invoices
  12. Automated payment, credit card and billing processing

Client Management

  1. Automated creation, suspension and termination of clients and services (Integration with popular admin panels such as cPanel and Plesk Panel and more)
  2. Easy password management
  3. Integrated fraud checking
  4. Send “Welcome emails”

Support Automation

  1. Support ticket system
  2. Social integration
  3. Manage announcements
  4. Build a knowledgebase
  5. Setup auto responders

There are many more features which you can check by visiting Offiical features list.

These awesome features come with a price of course. You can either pay once and own the license or you can start with a low monthly price to get a start. For $15.95 per month, you can serve up to 250 clients which makes $0.16 cost per client!