Philippine casino

Philippines Casino Industry Is Growing Faster Than Macau & Vegas

The world is changing!!! Yes, that’s right, last time Las Vegas used to be the world famous casino in the world. But this has been changed along the way, when the Asia countries start to rise up in economy, many of the populations in Asia like gambling too. But they just not easy to get a Visa to visit Vegas. Therefore it created a easter vegas, Macau.

Macau then become the new wave of casino cities which attracts millions of people around the world especially those who located in Asia countries. There are many world class casino start to step their foot in Macau during those good days.

But what’s next? Now the wild fire had spread to other region. Philippines is one of the fasted growing casino industry in the world for now. With the majority of Philippine’s people able to speak and understand English, this give them a very competitive advantage in this industry.