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Application Process and Forms
To apply to become a Texas Medical Ranger volunteer, please complete the following forms and begin gathering photocopies of other necessary documents (see below). All of the forms are linked to below семейная ипотека на вторичное жилье and are in PDF format. Some of the forms can be completed electronically using your computer keyboard and then printed. Other forms need to be printed and then completed by hand.

OFFICER QUALIFICATION RECORD (click here to download form)
Completes blocks 1-24 and sign. If possible, please attach a resume.
ENLISTED RECORD (click here to download form)
Completes blocks 1-24 and sign. If possible, please attach a resume.

*Enlisted and officer positions are available within the Texas Medical Rangers. Typically, individuals with a college degree and/or prior military experience may apply for officer roles.

TEXAS STATE GUARD DATABASE INPUT FORM (click here to download form)
Complete as much of this form as possible. There is certain information that may not be applicable to you. However, valid email addresses and work phone numbers are essential.
Complete Section 1. Copies of appropriate identity documents MUST BE ATTACHED. The most common identity documents are:
  • A current or expired U.S. passport OR

  • A Social Security Card PLUS a valid Texas driver's license.

Copies of a driver�s license and Social Security card are preferred because they will be needed if the unit or member is activated for service.

Warrant or commissioned officer applicants:
  • Submit a photocopy of the highest educational degree completed:
    EITHER a university degree diploma OR a copy of your final academic college transcript that indicates degree completion.

  • MD applicants with current practicing privileges, submit a photocopy of the MD diploma.
DD  214
(click here to order your DD214 online)
If applicant ever served on any U.S. federal armed force (including Coast Guard) active or reserve duty (including National Guard), submit a photocopy of only the most recently issued DD 214 (discharge certificate).
If applicable, submit a photocopy of a current valid Texas State Medical Practice license (e.g., for MDs, RNs, DDS, DVM, etc.) to practice.
POLICE RECORD CHECK (click here to download form)
Complete items 1-9 in Section I.
Read, sign, and date Section II.
REPORT OF MEDICAL HISTORY (click here to download form)
Complete blocks 1-24. Print name and sign in the middle of page 2.

For block 11-24 conditions, provide an explanation in the open space top of page 2 right side IF:

  1. You have an allergic reaction to any substance,
  2. Your physical condition is permanently effected where:
    • you cannot stand for 60-90 minutes,
    • negotiate 2 flights of stairs up and down on your own, or
    • work extended shifts of 8-12 hrs per day for 3-5 days.
If your "yes" condition is more than 5 years expired, simply indicate the year. If it is still a current condition (e.g., you are permanently on specific prescription medications), please indicate so on page 2, top right.
TXSG  Form  8A
APPLICATION FOR IDENTIFICATION CARD (click here to download form)

Applicants should complete all demographic information they know.

If applicant has a current firearms license, indicate in the "FIREARMS RESTRICTION" box and the "WEAPONS CLASSIFICATION" box. Leave boxes blank if not applicable.

Date and sign in the section towards the bottom of form labeled "Sworn Statement of Applicant.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES FORM (click here to download form)
Fill out entire form. Leave blank any section that does not apply to you.

When all of your documents have been assembled and completed, please fax them to: (210) 567-7120 or mail them to:

Texas Medical Rangers Program Office
The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78229-3900

ATTN: MAJ Patricia Pratt, Adjutant
            Alamo Medical Response Group
            Medical Reserve Corp, TXSG

Once your application materials and additional information is received, a member of the Texas Medical Rangers Program Office will contact you to confirm receipt and to answer any questions that you may have. If you have not heard from the Program Office in a reasonable period of time or if you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us via phone: (210) 567-7121 or via email: TexMedRangers@uthscsa.edu.

The Adjutant General (or Personnel Officer) will contact you to schedule a placement interview to further discuss your background and to determine what Texas Medical Rangers position would be the best fit given your interests and qualifications. In the meantime, if you have additional questions about the application process, please contact MAJ Patricia Pratt via phone at:
(210) 567-7111 or via email at prattpa@uthscsa.edu.


There will be additional forms to complete at the placement interview. Group TMR personnel managers may download these forms for local reproduction and use during placement interviews.

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