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General description
The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio is honored to be hosting the first Texas State Guard medical reserve corps unit in the state, at the specific direction of Governor Perry. Unit members will train and be prepared to assist public health authorities in the event that a major natural disaster or man-induced disruption threatens public health anywhere in the state of Texas. This medical reserve corps unit is also established in response to President George W. Bush's call for an active Citizen Corps (see:

Who will be in unit?
Texas Medical Rangers volunteers will serve in either health professions or health service support roles. Volunteers will be recruited from Health Science Centers located throughout the state, including faculty, staff, retirees and alumni. In addition, certified health professionals in private practice and other Texas residents who meet the eligibility requirements are welcome to apply for membership. Currently there are a number of unit detachments being established including Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Lubbock, Houston, Galveston, Temple, Harlingen/McAllen, Laredo, and Edinburg.

Will the unit engage in operational response?
Yes. At any time, the governor, through the Division of Emergency Management, may engage the Texas Medical Rangers in actual operations but only in response to a specific order. In the meantime, volunteers will train for tasks such as supporting health authorities administer mass inoculations, establishing alternate non-hospital treatment sites, staffing call centers to answer health questions from the public, and assisting with other unforeseen homeland security activities related to protecting and restoring public health. In addition, Texas Medical Rangers volunteers will eventually be involved in training exercises with other first responders (such as police officers, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, etc.).

How do I apply to become a volunteer with the Texas Medical Rangers?
If possible, attend a monthly Information/Induction Session and prepare for an interview. If you have questions, contact the Texas Medical Rangers Program Office via phone: (210) 567-7121 or toll-free 1-866-835-8936 or via email:

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