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TMR Self-Directed Training Program

A primary outcome of TMR training is to enhance our individual and collective capability to respond effectively to public health emergencies. The following Internet hyperlinks are provided to promote como tener tarjeta de credito Plata self-directed learning at a personally convenient schedule. Studying this information and enrolling in Internet courses will supplement your participation in Homeland Security-related medical response exercises and regular group training sessions that will be organized by TMR team leaders and the Center for Public Health Preparedness and Biomedical Research.

As a member of the Texas Medical Rangers, you should take the initiative to ensure that all training you attend or complete is recorded and properly submitted (see hyperlink below, "Documenting TMR Training"). When you complete Internet course work, printout or photocopy on-line certificates of completion, then submit properly. Documentation of TMR training attendance and Homeland Security-related course completion will be compiled and credited toward "good participation," essential for your future TMR promotion and advancement.

The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) maintains a series of training courses which can assist members of the TMR in its public education and public service roles (http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/IS/crslist.asp). Also, you can enroll on-line for CME-eligible WMD/CNRNE courses (such as "Reportable Diseases and Conditions in Texas") developed by the UTHSCSA and posted at the Texas Department of Health's webpage at: http://www.texasready.com.

Other partners offering training opportunities include the Texas Division of Emergency Management under the Department of Public Safety and the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District. For a summary of emergency management principles, see the MetroHealth presentation: Zen and Emergency Management.

The following links provide medical information which will improve the TMR's response to specific bioterrorism threats which have emerged since the events of 9/11:

  • Office of Personnel Management

  • Food and Drug Administration

  • Centers for Disease Control

Additional training information to assist Medical Rangers in the performance of their responsibilities:


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